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Islam encourages the celebration of both Eid occasions. However, in Eid-ul-Adha, the sacrifice of animals is done in accordance with a specific event in Islam’s history. The sacrifice reflects the Prophet Ibrahim (a.s)’s willingness to sacrifice his son, Ismail, for the sake of God. Eid Al Adha can be quite a big event, with celebrations and distribution of meat in all places. However, there are certain things that every guy can relate to on Eid Al Adha!

1. Daunting Mandi Visits

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Before Eid, one must visit marketplaces or ‘Mandi’ to look for the sacrificial animal. It can be quite a long task since a lot depends on the person’s preference. People like to go through scores and scores of animals, looking for the perfect one to get. The preferences can range from many types of animals, be they goats or sheep. Almost every guy can relate to those trips to the mandi.

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2. The Annual Eid Process

Since the occasion follows certain traditions, they are done in a specific order. Just like the other Eid, prayers are offered early in the morning. After that, the sacrifices are done. Many people prefer to sacrifice on the second day and many choose the third too. While the day can vary, it can be considered a routine for many guys to go through this process.

3. The One That Got Away

While this may not happen in every place, there are many incidents of sacrificial animals running from the household. In that case, a family and neighbourly ‘mob’ is sent to bring back the animal. The panic one can feel in this situation can be quite relatable. The writer of this article is no stranger to bringing back an animal.

4. Changing Into Casual After Prayer

Once guys come back from the morning Eid prayer, a lot of them change into casual clothing. This is because the clothes can get blood or dirt on them during the sacrificial process. Due to that, a lot of people prefer changing into something that can withstand the process more durably.

5. Distributing And Getting The Meat

This can be a most relatable thing amongst siblings. Taking turns to get or distribute the meat between people is something that is common. If one takes it to a place, the other must bring meat from another place. If they don’t, fights break out!

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6. The Mandatory Eid BBQ

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This is one of the most vital aspects of the Eid holiday. It cannot be a complete occasion without there being a proper Bbq on the third or fourth day. Gathering around a burning fire, taking photos, and cooking food is all part of the experience. A lot of cherishable moments can be remembered from Eid Bbq occasions.

It is okay if everyone cannot relate to all the things on this list but everyone can relate to at least some of them!

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