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While there are numerous amazing South Korean dramas of every genre, Squid Game got lucky partly because of its plot and partly because of the platform it was on. Given that the show was a Netflix original, everyone with access to the platform could watch it. With that, the show became a global hit only a few days after its launch. But did you know there were some major mistakes in the show that when you know about them you’d want to watch it again?

1. The numbers were wrong

All the 456 participants thrown in the gaming arena wake up with a green tracksuit. Each suit has a number on it showing the position of each player in the sequence. Aside from the old man (Oh Il Nam) with 001 and Seong Gi Hun, 456, the only numbers you will see with consistency are of the other main characters. The rest who were the extras in the show, for whatever reason, got replaced, which built up inconsistency. And people spotted that.

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In one instance, there is a female player with the number 061. But when they show the elimination of player 061, it is a picture of a guy on the floor panel. The error repeats for three more players – 088, 321, and 331.

Squid Game
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2. Spelling mistake

It seems that the obsession with the English language is not just a Pakistani issue. South Korea, even though has Korean as its official language, when showing confidential documents in a drama, they just have to show English words on it.

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Squid Game also did that. When the detective sneaked into the arena, he starts looking up information. This is how he ends up in the file room where when skimming through the papers, they show a major mistake. As is common with almost all shows, to show confidentiality, the document is marked with a huge red stamp. In the Netflix season, it does that with a wrong spelling; SECRET became SCRERT!

3. One Participant was 124 years old

Another major mistake, we find that the drama creators made a participant be 124 years old. Let’s get into the details, shall we?

The participant, 013, gets his time in the spotlight in game number 5. When hopping onto the glass through his own technique of determining false panels, the Front Man decides to look at his file. From the file, he finds out that 013 worked at a glass factory for many years. Zooming in on the DOB, however, may send you on a laughter spree. The date of birth written there is 1897, making the player 124 years old.

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4. The umbrella shape

In the game with the sugar tablets, you’d remember that there were different shapes. Players had to carve the shapes out. One of these shapes was an umbrella. While there couldn’t be many renditions of the other shapes (circle, triangle, star), the umbrella could. And this is what happened with Gi Hun.

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When the game starts, the umbrella has a straight line below the dome shape. But a few moments in, the umbrella changes to point curves.

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5. When Gi Hun was supposed to get richer

With KRW 45.6 billion in his pocket (or a few million less given how he changed colours and donated some money to Sang Woo’s mom), he should have been shown to get richer. Instead, he had a downgraded phone. Apparently, some nitpickers found out that before the game Gi Hun had Samsung S7. But in the airport scene, he had Samsung S3.

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6. The protagonist eats air

Most often in the shows, the actors only pretend to eat or drink. If you notice closely, you would see (especially, in Pakistani dramas) that actors have empty cups when having tea. But in Squid Game, even though there is actual food in front of the actors, Gi Hun pretends to eat. They are able to figure it out because Gi Hun is shown munching and yet the food is untouched.

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Were there other mistakes that you noticed? Do let us know in the comments below.

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