6 Surprising Things You Failed To Notice In Squid Game

squid game
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If you haven’t watched Squid Game yet, we suggest closing the tab because the article is full of spoilers. Or do not close it yet and come back after binge-watching it. And we know you will because one just cannot skip the show after starting.

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1. Why 001 chose to end the game

We are really hoping that we didn’t ruin Netflix’s top show for you. But remember that the old man, Oh Il Nam, turned out to be the organizer didn’t he? Remember, when after the first game, there was a coup and people wanted to return? The old man chose to stop. Now, one can wonder, why as an organizer, he would do that. He did that out of fairness. Throughout the show, the organizers kept saying the game existed to give everyone a fair chance.

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Had Oh Il Nam made the choice of continuing, he would basically be forcing 200 people to do what he (the organizer) wanted.

2. Death by jumping

Some of the primary players died in a very distinct way, their deaths were impactful. But did you know that their ends were predicted? No? Let’s see.

Do you remember the tough gangster? He jumped from the bridge before reentering the game. He died in the fifth game by falling from a height.

squid game
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3. Throat slitting

Similarly, our beloved North Korea defector, Sae Byeok died horribly. Although most of us were rooting for her to win, she got her throat slit. If you would recall, when they were let out of the game for a short time, she met with a guy and threatened to slit his throat.

Image Source: LiveAkhbar

4. Stealing 

Ali Abdul, the Pakistani (even though his name doesn’t make sense, might I add) ran away after stealing someone’s money when he got out of the game. He died when someone stole his belonging.

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5. Hints about the old man

If you closely followed Squid Game, Oh Il Nam’s dialogues were enough to make you suspicious. However, there were some major hints at the end of Game 4. When they were playing the pebbles game, the gunman did not shoot him right away as soon as there was an indication that the old man had lost. Plus, when he was actually allegedly shot, there were no blood splatters. And as loyal Squid Game fans, we are witness to how generous the creators were with the blood splatters.

squid game
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6. The tracksuit

Well, the tracksuit, it seems is the ace of Netflix. When they use tracksuits, it becomes a hit. In Money Heist, they had red suits. The seasons became a global success. The Squid Game also features red and green tracksuits, and it has become a global success.

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Did we ruin it for you? Sorry. But it is what it is.

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