shopping hacks inflation
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Inflation is at an all-time high globally, as well as, in Pakistan. This means that our usual ways of entertaining ourselves, like through shopping, have also become unbearably expensive. So what does one do then? Leave shopping? That’s a hard pass. What you can do is shop is adopt shopping hacks to save more during inflation. Here’s how:

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1. Sign Up To Newsletters

We don’t really have a habit of doing this but trust us when we say this: it helps! Signing up to newsletters not only means you get a discount first for your purchase but it also means that you will get access to other things. Early sale access, private sale access etc.

shopping hacks inflation
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2. Shop Off-season

In these June and July sales, you should be looking for winterwear. This is because since it is off-season, they will be at their most discounted. You can keep them for when the season comes and here’s the best part: your size will be available.

3. Get Gift Cards

Buying gift cards is an excellent way to shop during inflation. This shopping hack works because when you buy them online, you get more credit than what you paid. Moreover, when you buy a gift card, you store your money in it! 

shopping hacks inflation
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4. Go Thrifting

We can not emphasize this enough. Start opening yourself up to pre-loved clothing or thrift clothing. This isn’t just restricted to clothes also. You can buy refurbished items for every category and also opt for re-used things. You save a ton and get the same thing. Isn’t that a win-win?

5. Go Cash-Free

Going cash-free is underestimated. The slash in the taxes by 11% does a lot when you’re shopping. Start keeping money with you only in the form of credit or debit cards and shop easily.

shopping hacks inflation
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6. Wait For Deals

Gone are the days when we could purchase whatever we liked at full prices. Now, we wait for deals. This also means waiting for deals even on food items or every other category. Nowadays deals will start coming in abundance because these shops also know that’s the only way to drive sales.

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