6 Rumors About iPhone 13 That Are Making Rounds On The Internet

iPhone 13 rumours that are going around the internet
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Apple has a habit of causing a lot of hype before a release. They want everyone to know that they are stepping on the playing field. Even now, before the iPhone 13 is about to be released, the hype is quite high. There are even numerous leaks that could point towards what Apple is planning. However, we know that the company intends to break expectations when they step forward. Amidst everything going on, a whole lot of rumours are circulating the internet.

These rumours are based on what the iPhone 13 could be like. They range from design to functionality. However, not all of them may turn out to be true. That said, we imagine there are going to be some that sit exactly true to the device. No matter how much one tries to control information, it has some way of reaching the public. Just like that, a lot has reached the ear of the public, as rumours, so let us dive into the details of them!

1. A Larger Battery For iPhone 13

According to the early rumours, it was said that the battery for the new line-up is going to be larger. While it has not been confirmed, a bigger battery does not mean a larger capacity. It can also mean that the general size of the battery is larger, but the life of the battery has not changed by a lot of degrees.

Of course, there could be a few charging tricks up Apple’s sleeve so we cannot disregard anything right now.

iPhone 13 and circulating rumours
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2. Calling it iPhone 13

It has been rumoured that the company will stick with the title ‘iPhone 13’. While this may not seem like a worthy rumour, its origins are quite interesting. A lot of people prefer to steer clear of the number 13 due to the superstitions that have built up around it. There are buildings that have the 13th floor absent from their elevators because of this.

However, despite all of it, it seems that the company is going to go with the official title ‘iPhone 13’. They could always try going for the year that the phone is released, something like ‘iPhone 2021’.

rumours on the iPhone 13 on internetq
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3. Costing More Than The Predecessor

Apple increased the price of the iPhone 12 when it came out. Its predecessor seemed cheaper. According to an unverified report, Apple could be increasing the price again. It seems that the price could go up as high as 20% for the supplies.

However, it has still yet to be seen how much the iPhone 13 sees a price hike. Whatever amount you have in mind, we suggest waiting till the official price is announced!

design and colour of the iPhone 13
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4. Looking Familiar

According to some of the rumours circulating on the internet, the design and colours of the iPhone 13 are going to be quite similar to the iPhone 12. That said, there can be a weight difference between the two models. However, from what we have seen in the rumours, the design and the curves on both phones are almost identical.

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Of course, when it comes to state-of-the-art tech embedded inside, the latter could hold the higher end of the stick. The launch will tell us exactly how true or false is this rumour.

design similar to previous phone
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5. The iPhone 13 Sizes

A lot of the sizes of each of the smartphone variants have also been rumoured. It seems that the company is not holding back when it comes to flawless screen size. Apple has been known to create displays that are quite beautiful. Now, the rumoured sizes are,

  • 13 Mini: 5.4-inch
  • 13 Standard: 6.1-inch
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 6.1-inch
  • 13 Pro Max: 6.7-inch
size of variants of upcoming phone
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6. Apple Might Remove Lightning Port

Just some years back, Apple decided to remove the earphone jack from the iPhones. That brought about a whole new era of design which was minimalistic. In light of that, one of the rumours also states that the new iPhone may not even have a lightning port. It seems the company might really want to emphasise the workings of wireless charging.

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If that is the case, we are about to see a whole different level of smartphones.

iphone 13 and the launch of it
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