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The Lahore food scene is full of flavors and textures however, the steak scene is contentious. Steaks may be in abundance but what we’re looking for are juicy steaks that take you to another world. If you’re someone who has been craving good quality steak:

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1. Amavi

Amavi is a recent addition to the food scene of Pakistan and it’s got several types of steaks on its menu. Know that we’re talking about the big ol’ juicy steaks, not your regular chicken steaks or ‘fillets’. The Amavi steak has mashed potatoes and chimichurri sauce with it.


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2. Howdy

Howdy may be best known for their burgers but they’ve also got juicy steaks that can fill you up like anything else. Howdy steaks deserve a special mention here because they’re made from the best meat and the flavor and add-ons are truly unique.


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3. Rare 

Rare is also a new addition to the food scene that has made its mark on Lahoris. The place has high-end dishes with a variety that’ll keep you drooling however, the steaks are where it’s at. They have many special steaks that have a wide variety of flavors. The burnt butter one really does it for you.


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4. Steak CFU

This small joint in the heart of Lahore, in Gulberg, will have you coming back again and again. Their steak platters are the perfect Instagram-worthy dish that you can never have enough of. Be it roasted cloves, spinach, mashed potatoes, and other add-ons, their platter has it all. Don’t miss out on goodness.


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5. Steak 24K

This new joint specializes in steaks. As the name suggests, Steak 24K is all about bringing only the best steaks to you. The place has the most luxurious options of beef steaks to choose from. Their specialty is a good ol’ beefy steak that’ll fix your cravings for at least a week. Only a week though because after that you will want it again!


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6. Ox and Grill Steakhouse

The Ox and Grill steakhouse has all the good and meaty options you could ever hope for. Their steaks especially have gained a lot of popularity since they last opened and that is not for no reason. Their juicy steaks come in a variety and they come to please.

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