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The cafe scene in Lahore is always resplendent. The city boasts a wide range of cozy cafes where you can sit with comfort in the company of your loved ones or by yourself whilst drinking the best coffee. In the winter season, this vibe is especially covetable. So, if you’re on the lookout for some cozy cafes, these are the top recommendations:

1. Cafe Pistachio

Cafe Pistachio is a quaint but incredibly beautiful looking cafe based in Defence. It’s got the most gorgeous crockery for you but the aesthetics aren’t all that it nails, the food is amazing too. The coffee is one of the best you find in Lahore!


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2. Deja Maison

If there’s one place that knows its thing, it’s Deja for sure. This quaint cafe not only has an incredible menu for you to try consisting of both sweet and savoury both but it also has a good cup o’ coffee! Their coffee is every coffee lover’s dream, don’t miss out!


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3. Loafology

This Islamabad-based place opened its doors in Lahore pretty recently and since then, has won the heart of many Lahoris. It’s got the most delicious foods that can accompany a coffee like a muffin, a cupcake, or a croissant! Moreover, the coffee itself is splendid.

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4. Tattle Teahouse

This newly-opened coffee and boba tea joint is all the rave nowadays! Their places are super cute and cosy with a delicious menu to accompany it. You can sit there for hours with your company while sipping on a good cup of coffee or boba tea!


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5. Mocca

This is one of the classics, you simply can not go wrong with Mocca. Mocca made its name in the cafes very early on with its premium coffees and ice-blends and it’s safe to say it hasn’t fallen from its stature since then. The cosy cafe is a delight to be at and their macarons make it all the better.


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6. Butlers

Butlers Chocolate Cafe is also one of the older but still classic cosy cafes you find in Lahore. As the name suggests, the cafe is all about chocolate-y items but their coffee doesn’t fall behind. Order a cup of their classic strong and have it with their chocolate crepe— you won’t forget the combo.

Which ones have you tried? Let us know in the comments below.

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