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We’re quickly about to turn the page and land into Ramadan. It is an exciting and stressful time in many ways but people are most intrigued with Ramadan campaigns right now. This is one of the most important times for all brands as they try to capture their customers in the Ramadan spirit. These brands so far have done a great job, have a look:

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1. Sabroso Foods

Sabroso has come up with an offer on the economy packs of their foods that are most popular in Ramadan. This offer is that you get to take Rs.70 off on these economy packs for Ramadan! Enjoy your Ramadan spreads in the best possible way.

2. foodpanda

foodpanda pulled out the big guns. Starring Osman Khalid Butt and Kubra Khan, their Ramadan campaign is about our hunger pangs and fantasies in the month of fasting. The two are ordering their groceries and the message is that you can order anything from anywhere and get it through pandamart!


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3. Sprite 

Sprite is in another league altogether as it came out with a new product for Ramadan! Their Mint Sprite comes with ‘extra lemon’ for Ramadan and we can already imagine what its first sip will taste like at Iftar. Are you excited yet?

4. Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza is a Ramadan essential and we can not imagine covering Ramadan campaigns without this one. They bring their inimitable Rooh Afza to Ramadan tables and feasts and tell us once again, there’s no Roza complete with Rooh Afza at the end.


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5. Coca Cola

Coca-Cola will have to soon get an award for its brilliant marketing. Their ads are always telling a story and they touch something inside of us. This ad shows a woman opening her mother’s recipe book and then making a feast that connects everybody. It just makes you think of sitting at the table with your friends and family. 


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6. Tang

Tang’s Ramadan campaign is also about the same family vibe that we all love for Ramadan. The campaign captures how we all look forward to sitting with our family to break our fast and Tang is also an important member of the table. 


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