Our film and entertainment industry has really taken off. For a while there was a lull and a severe dearth of good movies being released in Pakistan. But now all that has changed. LUX Style Awards (LSA 2017) are held to celebrate the achievements of Pakistani cinema, entertainment and fashion industry. Now in its 16th year, the prestigious award ceremony is the most coveted honour for the best in their field.

Being around for as long as it has, LSA has faced a fair amount of criticism. Some have pointed out that with all the new award shows around, it has become monotonous. Therefore to address all the grievances, the management behind LSA 2017 has been completely revamped. Leading fashion designer HSY has taken charge as the producer and director for the show and has quite a few new tricks up his sleeves.

Speaking to Brandynario, he gave us some insight into what is planned for the big night.

Like you, we too are wondering which actresses he means and can’t wait to find that out. For now, here are some things we do know.  5 new things you will get to see at LSA 2017 that have never been done before.

Two stages

Yes, all events, be it fashion week, award shows or anyone’s wedding, suffer from this issue. People complaining about their assigned seats that are not in the front. HSY had the foresight to nip this in the bud. This year’s show will have two stages. One in the front and one right in the middle of the audience. No one will have to worry about not being able to see, or being seated too far away from the live action! Brilliant planning indeed.

Atif Aslam’s new avatar

The music icon will make his debut as a host at LSA 2017. He will be seen in a completely new avatar, entertaining audiences all through the night. Furthermore, Atif Aslam has plans to not make the night all about himself. Instead, he wants to help showcase new and upcoming talent. In his own words:

“I am happy to be hosting the biggest award show of Pakistan this year with HSY at the helm and excited for my fans to see me in this new avatar. I have had a fantastic association with the platform for over a decade and look forward to bringing something fresh and exciting to my fans this year. LSA 2017, watch out!”

Even leading stylist Nabila who has been with the show since the start has chosen not to be nominated to give newer talent a chance to come forward.

LSA Live

According to the show director, while the event is happening, a live digital show will be available on LUX Style Awards Website. It will be hosted by supermodel Mehreen Syed and Waleed Khalid and will feature exclusive backstage footage along with the award show itself.

22 cameras

Everyone who has been to a live show agrees that watching it in person and on screen are two very different experiences. Many interesting things are cut out, cameras with their blind spots miss out on many scenes. This time around, LSA 2017 will be covered with 22 camera angles to give you the best possible coverage from a variety of different angles.

Fashion Police, Green Room and Afternoon Tea

This year’s LSA will not just be an award ceremony. It is going to be remembered by all attendees for long. The director has taken extra care and planned things that will keep everyone entertained all through the day. An afternoon tea session for celebrities will start the event, followed by a ‘Green Room’ and ‘Fashion Police’ segment, where everyone will get to interact on the red carpet. Instead of a run of the mill affair, LSA 2017 promises a more fun-filled experience.

The show is set to take place on April 19th.