Turkish Horror Movies
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When listing movies from the least to the scariest, first, you will find your run-of-the-mill horror movies, but then you will also come across the Paranormal Activity series. The scariest ones are, hands down, Turkish horror movies. Today, we will be listing five of the Turkish horror movies that will scare you to the extent that you will find Resident Evil funny.

1. Dabbe

Based on black magic, this movie will take you on a roller coaster ride. A non-believing psychiatrist and an exorcist pool their efforts to save a young woman from what the former suspects to be schizophrenia. The word ‘horror’ doesn’t even come close to describing this blockbuster. The best and the scariest part of it all is probably the disclaimer at the end, “based on true events.”

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2. Semur: Şeytanın Kabilesi

American horror movies are rarely able to combine drama with horror movies. But when it comes to Turkish, then you can rest assured, you will get the entire package. Semur, as the name of the movie dictates, is an evil (shaitan) that arrives as a result of jealousy of a man. Apparently, the man is jealous of his own best friend for being married to someone he loves.

3. Siccin

Seeing as how almost all Turkish horror movies are based on black magic, one can imagine how rampant it is in the country. The story is about a woman who loves a married man. However, in order to get his attention and his love, she enlists powers beyond her control.

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4. Beddua

Beddua is also a word in Urdu so you may have an idea what it is about. This time it is no jealous friend or lover, it is a curse that befalls four friends.

The friends are close even years after their graduation but will they remain close or even alive after the ordeals this time?

5. Baskin

Instead of ill-prepared people, this movie is about policemen who are always in company of their weapons. But if the enemy is supernatural, how effective are our worldly weapons? And isn’t it even scarier to be in possession of guns? What if a jinn makes you hallucinate and you end up shooting your own partner?

Some of these Turkish Horror movies are even on Netflix, so why don’t you give them a try? Do share your experience with us though.

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