5 tips to save money on your car expenses:
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Although your car is your asset, and you’ve spent lots of money on it, it can, at times, cost you a lot of money from your pockets to repair. Car expenses are not affordable for every car owner and can carry from car to car, depending on the trim.

If you own a more affordable and economic-friendly car like a Suzuki Mehran, than you are luckier than most as its parts are readily available and not very expensive to replace. However, if you own a Mira or a Yaris, then affordability can eventually become a concern.

Nonetheless, whichever can it may be that you have, there are still some ways you can save a lot of money going to waste.

Here are five tips to save money on your car expenses:

1. Opt For Used Cars

used cars
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I know what your thinking here, why invest in a used car when I can buy a new one, right? Pre-loved vehicles that are available in good to the mint condition can be worth the money you’re willing to invest. These cars are affordable to buy; maintenance costs are low, parts are cost-friendly and available, and are reliable.

2. There’s No Need For Speed

What do you do when you see an empty road? You race! What do you do when you and your friends take out your modified rides to open avenues? You race! This is where a lot of the trouble begins!

Speeding puts pressure on the engine; it has to put in more effort on itself and other components. Eventually, the main parts that keep the machine going smoothly wear out before time and cause problems for the driver as well as the car itself.

Speeding also causes more fuel to burn, which means you are losing a lot of money. And if you don’t stop, it can lead to an engine breakdown, leading to a complete replacement, which can cost a very BIG sum.

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3. Go To The Real Experts

In Pakistan, there are a lot of mechanics that are operating workshops. Many roads are just full of these workshops. However, only because a mechanic has one and knows their way around with a wrench doesn’t mean that they are the right person to visit.

Many mechanics are not experienced in new technology and are often replacing car parts with alternatives. It’s always a great idea to visit an experienced person who has the knowledge explicitly and caters to models like your car to ensure you’ve invested in the right place.

4. Regular Maintenance Saves Money, Doesn’t Waste It

You may think that regular visits are draining your money, but in fact, they save you from long-term costs that are more expensive. It’s better to pay a small amount of Rs. Two thousand monthly or every two months than paying Rs. 50,000 or Rs. 80,000 at a significant expense.

5. Observe Good Driving Habits

Driving is comfortable for some, for others, not so much. You may have been asked time and time again, what makes a good driver? Is it the car? The experience?

Well, the reality is no matter how good a driver is, there are times when even the best of the best make mistakes. Sometimes, enthusiasts don’t even realize when the deed has been done!

But these mistakes can put you in a lot of trouble; click on the link below to find out what they are!

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