If you own a car and are tired from paying massive amounts of money on fuel, here are 7 driving hacks that will help you spend less on gas!
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As inflation rises and economic instability continues to remain a problem due to several significant factors, including the Coronavirus pandemic, citizens are looking for relief.

The common man is ready to take any approach to save as much money as possible. People have entirely changed their lifestyles and habits to adapt accordingly.

However, with the continuous rise in fuel prices, how can drivers save some Rupees in their pockets? Worry no more!

If you own a car and are tired of paying massive amounts of money on fuel from your pocket, we bring to you seven driving hacks that will help you spend less on gas!

7 Driving Hacks That Will Help You Spend Less On Gas!

1. Monitor Tire Pressure

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Your tires play a vital role in helping you save fuel. What many drivers are unaware of is that worn-down tires cause high fuel consumption. Underinflated tires cause more friction and result in loss of money. Whereas properly inflated and monitored tires reduce friction and improve fuel economy. You must watch them, especially when there’s a change in the weather.

2. Don’t Slam The Brakes

Many drivers eventually make a habit of slamming on the brakes too hard. At first, drivers don’t consider it a big deal. However, what they don’t realize is that the slamming wears out the brakes and causes the car to consume more fuel. According to experts, driving smoothly can help drivers save up to 20% of fuel.

3. Clean Out Extra Junk From The Trunk

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If you have unused items in the trunk of your car, the weight from the extra items is adding to your car’s consumption of fuel. Think about it this way, the more weight in the vehicle, the more fuel it will use.

4. Drive-In Given Speed Limit(s)

See an empty road and have an urge to speed up? Hitting the pedal to the metal to feed your need for speed is draining your fuel tank and your pockets! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates a 10% to 15% improvement in fuel economy by driving according to the speed limit, or even slower than it!

5. Only Turn On Your AC When In Dire Need

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In the summers, the use of the air-conditioner becomes irresistible! However, using the AC for an extended period will heavily impact your car’s fuel tank. When the AC is cranked on, it puts extra load on the engine, which forces more fuel to be consumed.

6. Consider Carpooling

Carpooling can save you money. You can find a group of people willing to pay a fixed amount to take some load off you when it comes to paying for the fuel. You can find many who live nearby and work nearby as well.

7. Anticipate Traffic Flow


Everyone loves to reach home on time after a long day, which is why the moment the clock hits time, the traffic gets jammed. Waiting another 30 mins at work or where you are might do you some good. The fewer cars on the road, the more fuel you save instead of wasting it trying to find a way out.

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