It can be a little difficult living far away from your loved ones. Sure you can now call, text etc for free but it won’t have that feeling. You can’t be at the same place at the same time. You cannot share the same memories. It does get a little frustrating at times. You think about all the things you want to experience with your loved ones.

So here’s a thought. Let your family or friends know you’re thinking of them and send them something special. But what can you send? When preparing a gift basket, you have to consider what items are safe for delivery. Are they fragile, perishable, how long will they take to be delivered etc. Therefore we made a fail proof list of items you can send without any worries.


While most of it is perishable, the good news is same day delivery, one-day delivery options are available. You can avail these to ship properly packaged food items to someone you love. For instance, if you live in Lahore, be kind enough to send a box of those delicious ‘Nan Khatais’ to people you know in Karachi.


Planning a trip abroad with family members who don’t live in the same city as you? No worries. Have the travel documents etc mailed to them easily and continue planning. On the bright side, you won’t be bored filling out the paperwork for other people.


Is your child, brother, sister studying in another city? Do they require some books that they cannot find? Easy! Buy the books yourself and deliver to them easily. They will no longer have an excuse not to study.


Someone’s birthday is coming up? Surprise them with a gift basket. Make up a box full of goodies you know they will like and have it delivered to them on their birthday! It’s the best way to let someone know you care about them.

Fashion Accessories

Metropolises like Karachi and Lahore have no shortage of stores where people can easily buy whatever they need. However, it takes some time for the latest trends to reach smaller cities. Why should those people miss out? If your loved one is living in such a city, you can prepare a box full of fashion accessories like makeup, handbags, shoes etc and ship it out to them.

The possibilities are endless. So what if you are not breathing in the same air as your loved one. You can still make sure you share something even more special.

If you have things ready to be shipped then just quickly head to this New Courier service in town; M&P Express Logistics (Formerly OCS Pakistan) which was acquired by Muller and Phipps Pakistan (a 103 years old Distribution house specializing in Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Consumer product & Financial services).

This May, M&P is offering amazing rates for local shipping and delivery. Folks can send 0.5kg city to city shipment in Rs.100 & within city shipment in Rs.50 only. The offer ends on the 31st of May.

Be it overnight delivery of documents or parcels, M&P ships by air with its Chartered Boeing 737, thereby making Breakfast deliveries like no other. In addition to this M&P has a well-established vast structure on ground with 480+ Courier centers, and caters to 1300+ delivery locations

Valid up till May 31st, customers can ship a 0.5kg box to another city for just Rs. 100/- and within city for Rs. 50/-. M&P has a vast on ground network with 480+ Courier centers, that cater to 1300+ delivery locations. M&P is also equipped with more than 93 owned and rented vehicles that allows it to make millions of annual deliveries across Pakistan.

Other than Domestic Courier and Logistics services, M&P also offering Cash on Delivery (COD) services for E-Commerce players, Print & Distribution and Gift Delivery services. They also partake international deliveries partnering with FedEx.

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