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The famous South Korean Netflix season, Squid Game has broken all records and become a global phenomenon. Just like Money Heist, everyone is talking about it. And when everyone is talking about it, trust the content creators to come up with funny content. In that trajectory, many have entered the arena with their Squid Game parodies. Let’s have a look at some of the best ones.

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1. Squid Game DDLJ Crossover

DDLJ version of the Squid Game is probably the best one ever. The parody has been made through edits. It makes use of two of Shahrukh Khan’s movies. And they fit so perfectly together. One could have never connected Green Light Red Light to the famous palat. 

2. Squid Game featuring Arab Mom

Anwar Jibawi thinks that is an Arab mom, but given how accurate the chappals are, this could totally be a brown mom in disguise. The parody has great storytelling. It even establishes what can land you in the Arab mom version of the Squid Game competition.

3. Playing it in the backyard 

If you are playing Red Light, Green Light in your backyard with your friends, it is always better to know the players’ weaknesses. And you just have to know Arab or not, someone’s weakness will always be a bhangra song.

4. Babu Rao version

Babu Rao and Heera Pheri are two things that will never get old. Whatever the new viral phenomenon, these will somehow seep into the edits and will always make sense.

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5. Brown Girls in Squid Game

This brown girls parody makes so much sense. If you are a brown girl, you would definitely have been asked about a gol roti performance. And as a fellow brown girl, I know the struggle is indeed real. Imagine then, the first challenge of Squid Game, and you have to make gol roti.

Which one did you like the best? Or are there other incredible Squid Game parodies that we missed out on? It is totally possible because people are surely talented and the number of people who haven’t watched the season yet is dwindling.

If there is one that can surpass the DDLJ version, we would like to feature it so drop them in the comments below.

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