5 Signs You May Have An Unfit Car That Might Not Be Safe Drive!
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Driving an unfit car can lead to a handful of problems. Not only can you find yourself in an accident, but it may also be fatal!

It is important as a driver for you to consider the safety of your passengers, pedestrians, other drivers, and yourself.

Cars often give hints to the drivers which indicate that something is not right. You must identify these warning signs before you push the vehicle beyond its limits.

The earlier these signs can be identified, the better it would be for everyone. Unfit cars often give signs which are comparatively easier to catch and figure out.

Today, we will share 5 signs that indicate your car is no longer fit or safe to drive.

5 Signs You May Have An Unfit Car That Might Not Be Safe Drive!

Sign #1 – Clouds Of Smoke From Car’s Exhaust

black smoke
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One of the most obvious signs that a car is unfit is smoke. Sometimes, there are cars that release a lot of emissions from its exhaust. However, if it is something that has not happened before, it shouldn’t be ignored.

Modern vehicles release a thick cloud of black smoke which acts as an indicator. Running your can at full speed while its releasing smoke can break it down unexpectedly. It may even lead to complete engine failure.

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Sign #2 – Poor Starting

Another very obvious sign is the poor starting of the car after you’ve put the key in the ignition. If this is happening in the winter, it could be because of the cold weather. However, if it is happening too frequently, that too in warm weather, you need to take your ride to a mechanic.

Sign #3 – Smell Of Fuel/Exhaust Fumes

car smell
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While driving, if you smell petrol/gasoline in the cabin or even exhaust fumes, stop your car at a safe location immediately. Call a mechanic as soon as you can as it can be dangerous for your health if you continue to drive.

The fumes/chemicals can cause severe damage to the brain cells. Not just that, excessive driving can damage your car beyond repair.

Sign #4 –  Excessive Vibrations

Cars do vibrate, but, if the vibrations exceed to more than usual than your car is trying to give you a hint. An unfit car tends to vibrate more, and if such happens, be sure never to accelerate the speed. Speeding can cause more damage to the car and the engine even faster than driving at normal or slow speed.

Sign #5 – Warning Lights

warning lights
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We’ve mentioned time and time again the importance of warning lights. These lights either turn on or flicker when something is not right. It’s how a car tries to communicate with its driver or owner that there’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Sometimes, the problems are minor and a trip to the mechanic can be delayed by a day or two. However, you never know how serious an issue can be. It is always smart to spend some time and money at a mechanic’s than to be responsible for taking a life.

Vehicle Checks You Should Carry Out

Every time you drive you should check:

  • the windscreen, windows, and mirrors are clean
  • all lights work
  • the brakes work

Your vehicle’s handbook will tell you how often to check the:

  • engine oil
  • the water level in the radiator or expansion tank
  • brake fluid level
  • battery
  • windscreen and rear window washer bottles – top up with windscreen washer fluid if necessary
  • tires – they must have the correct tread depth and be free of cuts and defects

The handbook will also tell you when your vehicle needs to be serviced.

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