Here's How You Can Wash Your Car Like A Pro In 5 Steps!
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Keeping your car clean and well-maintained allows it to have a useful life-span. Vehicles that are neglected sooner or later not only cost for maintenance and servicing but can eventually lead to performance problems.

This is why you must make sure that your car is new or old, its clean. A splash of water and a wipe is not enough. You miss several areas where dust and other buildup and present, and they will only damage your car.

Moreover, it is essential to understand if the tools you are using do more harm than good. Will the chemicals damage your car’s paint job? Will the metal scrub leave a mark? Is this spray safe to use on your car’s body? There are many questions you must ask yourselves.

However, with the method today, when you’ll be done cleaning up your ride, it will be as good as new. You will no longer have to worry about anything anymore!

How To Wash Your Car Like A Pro

1. Conduct A Proper Evaluation

dirty car
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It may seem like a no-brainer to observe your car’s condition; however, it’s the finer details you need to focus on. Have you checked the rocker panels? Is there mud there? Are there bird droppings on the roof? Are there any salt particles from the drive in the snow?

Accordingly, you will prepare for the materials that are needed to cater to your ride. Do keep in mind that older cars may require more waxing and thorough treatment than newer vehicles because they’ve been on the roads for much longer.

2. 3-Bucket System

3-Bucket System
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A car wash aims to scrub the yucks and grime and other contaminants off your car; the last thing you need right now is to put dirty cloth and tools into the muddy water and re-use them.

This is where the 3-bucket system comes in handy. One bucket will be filled with lukewarm soapy water, another with plain water. The one with only water will be used to rinse your mitts and cloths for reusing before you dump it back into the soapy bucket. The third bucket will consist of a mixture of cleaning products only to be used for the tires, as those will be the dirtiest parts of the car.

3. Use A Clay Bar

Clay Bar for cars
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Even after you’ve just finished washing your car, if you run your fingers on the body, you’ll be able to feel contaminants still present on the body. Not everything can be washed away with water and soap. This is where you’ll use a clay bar, along with any wax, to remove stubborn spots and marks.

4. Don’t Remove Scratches, Repair Them

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The majority of the time scratches simply can’t be removed, and its a heart-breaking reality you need to accept. However, they can be repaired with a coat of wax or several application repair compounds. So don’t make the scratches worse by trying to fix them!

5. Don’t Be Shy To Polish & Wax

clean interior
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Waxing protest your car’s paint job from damage and polish gives it a beautiful shine. Hence, don’t feel shy to do both at least twice to thrice a year to keep your car looking and feeling as good as new!

Although we are talking about cleaning the exterior like a pro today, we have another tip for you.

Food spillage or any other liquid spills in your car’s cabin not only causes a foul odor but the remaining splatters build-up, eventually leading to rusting and invite roaches and other bugs.

Hence, keep a small trashcan in your car, avoid eating in it, or letting anyone else eat. If you have hungry children in the seat, then use plastic wraps to prevent spills. You can also opt for back-seat trays and holders that help keep the cups and plates still.