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There are brands that need not be advertising anymore. They have become a part of our lifestyle that they are either a routine for you or you have begun using them as a verb. Whether they choose to advertise or not is their act but the users worldwide are certainly aware of what these brands do and what they stand for.

Let’s take a look at some of these brands!

1. Google

“Oh, you do not understand the phenomenon? Google it!”

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This is what we say when someone is confused. We replace the word search with the brand name Google. Google now stands as a synonym for searching for something on the internet. Even if you use search engines such as Bing or Yahoo, you say that you ‘googled’ it. Is there even a need to advertise Google then?

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2. Facebook

Unlike Google, Facebook has not yet been associated with any verb. However, it has become a part of the routine. You do not just need it to keep in touch with your friends. All the Facebook groups that you are part of, keep you apprised of the discussions in your community or all over the world. In fact, just recently I came across a post on Facebook where a user wanted to know the latest happenings in Afghanistan from fellow netizens because she did not want to ‘google’ it.

3. Instagram

Instagram, too, is a way of life. You get up and you scroll through what your favorite idols have been up to. You get to learn about people’s opinions through the stories they post. But seeing how the platform is a way of life and how everyone feels connected whenever you bring Instagram into the conversation, other brands use it in their advertising.

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Imagine Instagram seeing itself in the advertising of Diamonds Factory and that, too, creatively.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp too gets promoted without paying for all that promotion. Don’t believe me? Do you not watch dramas? All the characters are sending each other voice notes. In fact, at times, the WhatsApp thread’s visuals are shown as well. Seeing other entities promote your product, at least I would not only be happy but realize that I don’t need to promote it anymore. Of course, where WhatsApp is concerned, the platform promoting itself would mean giving out timely updates.

5. Apple

Apple while it advertises, does not need to do so. The brand has set the mark. And now, when people need to look up something phone-related or compare their phone with (Samsung, ahem), they look up to Apple.

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Can you think of any more brands that fit the profile? Let us know in the comments below!

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