Ramadan is all about patience, kindness and gratitude. Yet, the main message is often lost between foregoing of food and the limited time people have to finish off their work related duties. As mentioned above, Ramadan is the time when we have the potential to be the best versions of ourselves. Therefore, we need to approach it with a positive attitude and adopt habits that help us maintain the positivity all through the month.

Following is a list of five habits you can adopt that will allow you to experience the true spirit of Ramadan.

Share What You Have

It is human nature to never be satisfied with what he has. He keeps striving to get more and more, forgetting about the blessings he already has. This Ramadan, take a step back to appreciate everything you have and if you think you have the ability to share it with others, feel free to do so.

Contrary to belief, sharing increases quantity not decreases it. If you have a little extra of something and you share it with those who have none, you not only receive countless blessings, you feel a sense of peace that cannot come from doing anything else.

Lipton’s Ramadan Ad this year manages to capture this message beautifully. Gratitude and kindness, when expressed by the younger generation has a greater value in the eyes of God. This habit should be encouraged from a young age. This is shown in the TVC as well.

This is shown in the TVC as well.

Cherish Your Loved Ones

We are often so involved in our daily activities that we don’t get time to spend with our loved ones. Ramadan gives us a reason to be together. Twice a day for the entire month, the families sit for Suhoor and Iftaar and get a chance to reconnect, a habit we can continue doing even after Ramadan.

Iftaar with family

Slow Down in Life

The fast-paced world has curbed our sense of patience. With everything happening so rapidly, we find ourselves always in a hurry to get things done. If something does not go our way, we become irritated and lash out. A habit to adopt this month is patience. Not only does Ramadan teaches us patience, it brings us peace as well. Once we relax and take things slowly, the end results will always come out better.

Not only does Ramadan teaches us patience, it brings us peace as well. Once we relax with a cup of hot Lipton tea and take things slowly, the end results will always come out better.

Being Patient

Forgive and Forget

Holding grudges and intolerance is now rampant in today’s society. This adds to stress levels making an individual extremely unhappy. Ramadan brings with it the lesson of kindness and forgiveness. If someone has hurt you, try to forgive and forget. Not only will this strengthen your ties, it will also make you happier and stress-free.


Learn to Enjoy Solitude

With things happening so fast now, no one gets time to just sit back and relax. Ramadan allows us to take a break from the hectic life and connect back with God. Spending time in solitude, prostrating before the Almighty brings a unique sense of peace to the soul.

Enjoy solitutde

Which habits are you planning to adopt in your everyday life? Tell us in the comments below: