What goes hand in hand with Eid? The elaborate table spreads with delicious food. While Eid is an occasion to celebrate many things, one most fundamental part of Eid is good food, good food and good food (you got the reference there, right?)

If it’s your first time cooking or you are on the hunt to try out a new recipe, there is only one thing that always comes to the rescue, and that is YouTube. Thanks to the social media platform, you can enjoy delicious meals without taking cooking classes. And since Eid is coming, it is only arbitrary to plan Eid dinners and menus. So, if you are hosting an Eid dinner this time around, here are some YouTube channels you need to follow.

1. Food Fusion 

With just this name, the iconic tune of food fusion starts ringing in our heads. If there is one thing that has taught the women of this generation about cooking, it is indeed food fusion. While using the essential cooking methods, food fusion offers the most straightforward recipes in various ways. If you plan on looking for the recipes, one item on your table is always bound to make a cut. So, check them out for easy, delicious and quick recipes for your Eid dawats this year.

2. Masala Tv

Adding literal masala to our lives for decades, the masala tv channel offers recipes and tv shows from the top culinary experts in Pakistan. With Masala Tv, you can try various recipes from a dozen cuisine all from the comfort of your home and make your Eid look like a feast in a restaurant.

3. Ruby Ka Kitchen

Ruby, a Pakistani chef and grandmother living in America, has wowed viewers with her distinct cooking skills. Not to mention her engaging personality, which captivates the audience. Her recipes include a plethora of flavours, including recipes across the subcontinent.

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4. Kitchen With Amna

Amna’s YouTube channel has gained massive buzz over the past few years. The culinary expert has it all when it comes to cooking information, a pleasant personality and a variety of tips and tricks at her hand.

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5. Tehreem Eats

Tehreem is a food blogger who puts her spin on the famous eateries and their viral dishes. If you are looking for variety of cuisines on a single platform, Tehreem is your go to person.

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