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A wedding is considered to be the happiest day in a couple’s life and what better way to celebrate this day than to dance your heart out? Dancing and weddings have always gone hand in hand.

A wedding here is incomplete without a few dramatic numbers performed by members of the families of the girl and the boy — the larki walay and larkay walay, as we call them.

Speaking of dance, we all want proper dance performances. Everything synchronized perfectly. How is that possible? First of all, you need to hire a really good choreographer and secondly, the dance rehearsals. Keep practising as much as you because practice makes the dancer perfect.

If you were looking for choreographers for your wedding, then you’ve come to the right place. Because today, we are listing the top-most, experienced and professional choreographers.

1. Wahab Shah Dance Choreography 

Wahab Shah Dance Company can work with you to design dance steps in different forms from contemporary to our most favourite Bollywood shadi songs. They have choreographed special events like weddings, receptions, mehndi functions, and various other corporate shows. They can choreograph even those who do not have a natural talent for dancing, with simple, graceful steps.

2. Shahroz

Shahroz provides wedding choreography favours to people at their wedding, believes that the trend of wedding choreography is picking up in Karachi. His dance videos are an amazing option to pick if you are looking for professional and flawlessly dancing choreographers. They tend to get viral too so watchout for that.

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3. Shaikh Haider Choreography

Shaikh Haider Choreography, a growing name in the dance industry. If you are looking for someone to train you as a pro for the coming up wedding event then this is the best option for you. They provide the complete assistance that you require for a stunning dance performance in your mehndi or wedding or any other function. They can help to organize the choreography from the selection of songs, setting up the dance routine, song editing and mixing to dance theme selection and rehearsals.

4. Ahsan Ali Choreography

The company has choreographed numerous wedding ceremonies, in Karachi and abroad, and is dedicated to designing routines that are fun and in-tune with the vision the family has in mind. They are renowned for their fabulous dance routines and coaching for weddings and other functions. They also provide services in Hyderabad, Lahore and Islamabad.

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5. Arfeen Iqbal 

Looking for that friendly and professional choreographer? Arfeen is a great option for that. He is well-known for his work in the media industry. He has just the right amount of talent, raw energy, and a strong passion for dance that will want you to get up and dance along.

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