animals props wedding
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In Pakistan, a new trend is emerging which is equal parts horrible and shameful. Lavish weddings are being taken a step further to exoticise themselves and fully make them the talk of the town. This is achieved through sad means which includes the use of animals. Here’s why it’s been growing and why it needs to be abolished thoroughly.

Why Are Animals Used?

The concept of “Big Fat Weddings” emerged in the south Asian culture and is also thriving as wealthy families throw the biggest possible weddings. In doing so, they scamper around to make their wedding as “different” as possible. After all, everyone with money can have beautiful decor, Sabyasachi clothes, and multiple food dishes. So, how does one stand out?

animals props wedding
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For many, the answer to this question has been through exotic animals. Yes, they resort to bringing animals to their weddings so everyone can wow at their money and might. Mostly, the targets of such families are lions and lion cubs as “Renting” them from people who own them is highly expensive.

The Animal Business

Lions can not be domesticated— they do not understand concepts of loyalty and it is in their nature to hunt for their food and enjoy the wilderness. However, in Pakistan, again to use their money somehow, many purchase lions while spending several lakhs. The result is a beautiful and mighty animal in so many chains, declawed, often abused, and mostly sedated.

animals props wedding
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When these animals are brought to weddings, they are kept sedated so they can not attack anyone. Moreover, they are most likely declawed which itself is a highly painful procedure. Additionally, loud music, so many people and especially so many humans while they are tied down can make them feel incredibly scared.

Have a Look At How Weddings Use These Animals:

How Can We End This?

The solution to this lies in stricter laws and greater taxes. If Imran Khan is taxing everything under the sun, the purchase of animals, especially exotic species, should be taxed incredibly high. This will make them more difficult to attain. Moreover, laws against using animals as props should be enforced. This way, those who bring them at weddings can be sued and punished.

When this was recently done, many animal lovers and animal rights activists joined forces to not only shame the couple whose wedding it was but also report them. This worked to the extent that the photographer took off the pictures and stopped publicizing them.

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