The local food businesses in Pakistan have really taken off. They are seen giving tough competition to international food chains. Not only is their food quality superb, they take special care to build an audience on their social networks. These local brands maintain a strong online presence to make sure their customers always receive good service and address any issues they might have had.

We did some research and made a list of some of these local food brands with a kickass social media presence. These include the artwork, deals, and strategies that they use to wow their fans and followers. While the brands themselves are to be lauded, the digital agencies doing most of the work for them deserve the real credit.

Burger Lab

The strategy of this page from the get go has been different from the rest. They have played on the word lab and created a setup that replicates a lab, only this one comes up with delicious food experiments. The artwork is a balanced mix of tempting food pictures along with illustrations that are funny and creative. Their social persona is consistent in their marketing; from their packaging to their interior design everything is coherent . The agency behind this brand is Viral Edge. Their Facebook page is full of such images.

Broadway Pizza

This food brand has very quickly become a favorite. The pizzas are massive in size and are served with delectable sides that you just cannot say no to. Their Facebook page doesn’t help either, they keep sharing such tantalizing pictures of their pizzas, you want to order instantly. The agency behind Broadway Pizza is also Viral Edge. It is interesting to compare between both pages and notice the subtle similarities. For instance, the packaging of Broadway as well is different from the rest. With creative doodling, you don’t mind glancing over the box for a few minutes before you get lost in the pizza itself.


This brand has been around on social media for the longest time. From then, they have employed a strategy that has clearly worked for them a lot. Their posts are witty and minimalistic, but they manage to get the message across. Plus if you visit their outlet and check in their Facebook page, you get a free cookie. That’s reason enough. The creatives for Espresso is managed by Barely Average Design

Ibn Battuta

While this restaurant is fairly new in Karachi, we have included it in this list because of two reasons. One, their Facebook page tells a story about the travel excursions of Ibn Battuta. Each item on the menu has been carefully placed and comes with a backstory detailing its origin. That is certainly interesting to see. Two, the pictures. The food photography has been brilliantly done. This page is managed by Viral Edge.


The page for Wingitt keeps fans extremely entertained. The eatery is quite well known for its social activities, from stand-up comedy acts, to meet-ups and celebrity events. All of that is showcased on their Facebook. The good thing about it is the page isn’t just sharing food images, it has a well-balanced persona. The interesting thing to note here is that they manage the page in-house.

Notable mentions

While the number of local brands on Facebook is countless, these 5 caught our eye, and for obvious reasons. The following ones, however, deserve a notable mention. We will let you visit these and make a judgement for yourself.


Del Frio



Oh My Grill

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