In the last few years, K-town saw a rise in the number of new eateries and aesthetically pleasing cafes. While we have had a fair share of both good food and comfy vibes, we Karachiites still can’t have enough. Even though we love to brag about our food and culture, we never miss a chance to visit that cozy restaurant or indulge in a fine-dining experience in Lahore.

So, today, we wanted to put it out there and finally accept that there are some eateries we would love to see in Karachi. Take a look at what has made the cut.

1. Loafology Cafe & Bakery

Starting its journey in Islamabad, the cafe has now come to Lahore. Meanwhile, we can’t help but wonder when the coffee shop is opening its door in Karachi. The small bakery offers some intense vibes with a warm interior and Parisian aesthetics coupled with Instagram-worthy food, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

2. Cafe De Como

Cafe de Como has it all – delicious food, swoon-worthy interior, and an incredibly cosy ambience, and that’s why we can’t wait to see Cafe de Como in Karachi. Located in the heart of an art museum, Cafe de Como is about visually appealing food and views. Hence, Karachi is the perfect option if Como ever plans to spread their wings.

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3. Deja Maison

Deja Maison is located in Lahore, but the restaurant gives us all the french vibes. Its elaborated brunch menu, abstract art, extensive range of desserts and cute aesthetic interior are some of the reasons we want to see Deja Maison in Karachi.

4. Tuscany Courtyard

Straight out of the victorian era, the Tuscany courtyard is a dream come true for an exquisite fine dining experience. From weekly brunch and hi-tea menu to Ala carte, Tuscany’s food is anything like we have seen before, which makes it a must-have place for Karachi.

5. Coco Cubano

A Mexican eatery is famous for its cosy vibes and good food Coco Cubano is a must-visit place for Karachites whenever they visit Lahore. Making it another top favourite restaurant which we can’t wait to open its doors in Karachi.

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