We have been told to consume more yogurt especially for Sehri as it helps keep thirst at bay. But did you know the dairy product has many more health benefits than it gets credit for? Apart from the healthy vitamins and minerals, yogurt contains good bacteria that help you remain fit and aid weight loss.

A daily serving of yogurt has numerous benefits for the body, such as keeping bones strong, preventing colds and other ailments, and even lowering blood pressure. But just picking up a bowl of yogurt and eating it daily doesn’t seem too appetizing.

So here is a list of 5 ways you can incorporate more yogurt in your diet that will not only make you reap the health benefits, but also be a delicious snack for you.

Swap Yogurt with Mayo

A healthy way to add more yogurt to your diet is to swap it for the more unhealthy spreads and dressings. If you like using mayo for your sandwiches, try substituting it with yogurt for once. You can even add a couple of spoons to your favorite salad as a dressing to make it more delicious. The options are unlimited.


Yogurt Fruit Snack

If you don’t like the taste of yogurt on its own, try mixing it up with your favorite fruit. Fresh fruits such as peaches or mangoes taste great with yogurt. Plus you don’t even have to add sugar making it the ultimate healthy and delicious snack.


Yogurt Smoothie

If you are a fan of fruit smoothies, you will love the addition of yogurt to your favorite fruit smoothie. Not only will the smoothie taste better than the regular milk one, it will also keep you full longer. All you need to do is take any fruit, add some yogurt, crushed ice and blend.


Yogurt Dip

Love munching on fresh veggies? A light and refreshing yogurt dip will make the snack even more worthwhile. Take a few spoons of yogurt, beat it smooth, then add in salt pepper and cumin. You can also put in chopped cucumbers, onions and tomatoes for more texture.

Fro-yo Pops

The perfect summer treat, icecream can wreak havoc on someone following a strict diet or meal plan. An easy remedy for that is froyo or Frozen Yogurt. Low in calories but loaded with the same delicious taste, froyo is a delicious way of consuming more yogurt. Plus you can very easily make it at home. Blend yogurt with any fruit you like, pour in molds and freeze.

froyo pops

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