Chocolate on its own, is a delicious treat no one in their right mind can say no to. It can be an expression of joy, something to enjoy as a celebration, or simply something to eat whenever available. Chocolate is said to affect the pleasure centers of the brain, uplifting your mood and generally make you feel better.

Derived from the seeds of a plant, yet sadly not a vegetable, chocolate is available in many different forms today. We see it being presented in a variety of different desserts from cakes to pies to macaroons, and even in savouries such as chocolate pasta, yes, that is a thing.

The tasty treat while a complete on its own, when paired with certain foods makes it a more pleasant experience. We made a list of 5 best chocolate combos you absolutely have to try if you are a chocolate lover.



While I personally do not appreciate fruit with my chocolate, strawberry makes me reconsider my stance. The tangy, delicious fruit and chocolate is the most widely eaten combo there is. Melt a bar of chocolate, dip in a strawberry and forget all your worries. Lemon and lemon zest is the core ingredient in many chocolate desserts. Reason – lemon has the tendency to enhance the flavor of chocolate. Orange and chocolate for me is a big no no, but too many people have sworn it works. I just might give it a try.

Dry fruits

chocolates nuts

Almost everyone has already tried this combo. All the leading brands of chocolate bars have at least one variant full of dry fruits. Be it walnuts, hazel nuts, almonds or raisins, this combo is a match made in heaven. We particularly enjoy the one from Cadbury.


mint chocolate

Mint chocolate has a cult following. Those who love it, swear by it. Those who don’t say it tastes like toothpaste. That said this combo should be tried at least once to see in which group you fall. There are numerous desserts offering this combo like mint chocolate ice creams and cakes.



Yes, this combo exists. You can enjoy chocolate with just the right amount of heat to keep it from becoming too sweet. Again this is an acquired taste but to be experienced at least once before you turn away repulsed.


pretzels chips

If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth this combo is perfect for you. Adding a hint of saltiness the combo of Pretzels or chips with chocolate is an adventurous treat for those rebellious souls who want everything.


Which of these combos do you plan on trying first?