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Spotify has changed Pakistan’s music landscape since it came about a year ago. Since then, all the other music apps and outlets have waned in the shadow of this app that does it all and has it all. However, much of Spotify’s popularity also has to do with its ads that seem to be made my masterminds because they’re just that good. Here are the best ads we’ve seen of Spotify from around the world:

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1. Let The Song Play

We all relate to this, don’t we? Often the best song comes on when we’re in front of our home gate and then we take another loop to listen to it. This is what the ad captures when it shows people simply driving past important places or ignoring people while they sing in the car. The funniest is when the girl drives past her parents who stand with gifts because she’s listening to the song.

2. Papa Ki Gaadi

This one is also hilarious. The thrill when you find out you could take the car out and start thinking of the songs to play only to realize that dad is in the car already. The playlist changes and becomes sad but it’s still funny!

3. Phir Mileinge Ad

This ad touched us! The way the Young Stunnes get up from the crowd and start vibing. That’s not all, Faisal Kapadia’s entry is what steals hearts. This is a very special ad that promotes an even more special song from Coke Studio this time around. Love to see it!

4. The Teacher-Student Trap

This ad shows students in a class at their wit’s end with what is being taught. We’ve all been there. But then someone plays “Har Zulm Tera Yaad Hai” by Sajjad Ali and guess what? The teacher starts singing along! The end is also so amusing when the custodian joins into a song too.

5. Since When?

Bahaar genuinely did come since Spotify came to Pakistan. Young and old have found opportunities to get reacquainted with songs they had left in the past. Isn’t that what Spotify is all about?

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