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Everything is scary; everything is confusing these days with the pandemic. Especially with its second wave, people are more scared of its consequences, and rightfully so. So if you observe the symptoms in you, immediately go for a COVID-19 test. Now the test is not a vaccine, but what it helps with is that it tells you you are infected to practice isolation and stop its spread from your end.

Considering the virus affects everyone differently, you never know if the person you might have passed it to otherwise would survive covid or not. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you are going for a COVID-19 test, you might feel a bit nervous because of all the rumors going around. So here is what you have to do:

1. Relax

Given the context, it may seem very weird to be asked to relax. But the more you worry, the more uncomfortable you will be during the test. But here is the thing, you may have heard that the test is painful, it’s not. Yes, a person is in your personal space and takes a swab from your nose or mouth, but its maximum goes an inch in your nose.

2. Don’t think about baseless rumors 

Yes, it is uncomfortable, and also, the idea that someone is in your nose can be a little weird but try to calm yourself from worrying about that or what would happen if you do have COVID. I mean, it wouldn’t change the fact that you have it. Plus, when you do find out, you just isolate yourself and take a strengthening diet.

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3. Earphones!

When you are at the location, you might still freak out, so make sure you take with you something that can be distracting. Take your earphones with you or a Rubix cube, whatever is your jam. For instance, Korean music helps me forget everything, so if I am still freaking out, I will put on a k-pop song and get tested. But yes, earphones are essential because you should not make others there for testing uncomfortable just do you can be more comfortable.

4. Look up, take deep breaths, count, and close eyes

Practice deep belly breaths. And when the nasal test is happening, continue deep breaths through your mouth. Count with each breath up to 20 and close eyes if you want to avoid looking at the person in front of you.

covid-19 test
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Do this, and you will be very much at ease during the test. Just remember, do not put off testing only because you are scared. You might be putting someone else at risk as well.

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