covid 19 vaccine
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The pandemic, COVID-19, that began in late 2019 and spread all over the world like wildfire in the first quarter of 2020, was devastating. Many people succumbed to their death due to it, lockdowns were imposed, and numerous businesses closed down. Scared for almost a year now, people are now hoping for COVID-19 vaccine to grace us with its presence already.


But even if it does, there are few things that we need to remember.

1. Vaccine takes time

Vaccines help deal with illnesses. And in the past, they have helped with numerous pandemics such as smallpox. But vaccines cannot be regularised not until there have been clinical trials. And even in clinical trials, the drug should prove effective against placebo for more than 50% of the candidates. Take Measles, for instance, the vaccine has proven effective for 97% of the candidates. And obviously, the first-generation vaccine for COVID cannot be at the Measles vaccine level, but we will be a step closer.

2. A Global Evaluation 

The process for the COVID-19 vaccine to be regularised involves the vaccine entering the global market. They do so after the clinical trial has proved them to be successful for more than 50%, so let’s say 60% of the sample population. The drug enters the market but it is only protecting 6 out of every 10 people but the what of the remaining 4? Well, the market is then monitored. It is monitored for side effects, long term effects, and if it is t be administered more than once.

So with a pandemic this huge, it is going to be a trial and error game and it will take a long time to fully gauge it.

covid 19 vaccine
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3. You need to wait to get the shot

Once a vaccine gets approved, it goes to the production phase. But with the production of the drug, manufacturers will also need to make the glass bottles and the syringes. If there is any problem with that, it will obstruct the distribution.

But let’s assume, everything is ready, does that mean you can ship it out? No. There are rules and regulations that they need to follow. And even then, first of all, all health care providers will receive the shot. Following them will be people with medical conditions. Then only, somewhere down the line, can average adults also receive the vaccine. Long story short, there will be quite some time until the vaccine gets to you.

4. Keep masks at hand

As we said, it will take some time to fully gauge the vaccine and its consequences so even if a vaccine is released, it is still not safe. Hence, make sure that you do not get rid of your masks and sanitizers as of yet. I mean you already bought them at a high price so better keep using them. Also, you never know if you contract it after the vaccine is released in the market what if the vaccine is still first-generation and ineffective for you.

Aside from masks, keep exercising social distancing.

5. Some people might not want it…

It is very likely that when a vaccine gets released, people do not want it. Polls and researches suggest that people want to wait. It gives them a sense of security in taking the vaccine a little late in the cycle. This is not right. If people do not take it, monitoring its result might get difficult and a second-generation vaccine will not be as effective. But here is the thing, organizations individually have the right to make vaccine shots a must for their employees. So all those in the position of power, use it here because the world needs you to.

covid 19 vaccine
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All in all, having a vaccine is not the final piece in the COVID-19 puzzle. It will take us a huge amount of time in getting rid of this pandemic but we have to remain calm and practice the measures we have been following for some time now.

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