Ramazan is a month full of blessings. Every good deed performed during this month is multiplied tenfold and written down for us. We stand to learn a lot from this holy month. Everything is a lesson in itself. Sometimes, however, it takes someone to nudge us in the right direction.

We see a lot of positive messages being shared by different brands during the month of Ramazan. All have a lesson in them, that if we comprehend and employ, we stand to gain a lot. Similarly, the Ramazan 2017 TVC for Rooh Afza is one such example.

Take a look at the video below:

The well thought out ad campaign shares the true message of Ramazan. We thought these 4 lessons, in particular, were portrayed really well and deserve to be talked about.

1) Togetherness

Probably the best thing about Ramazan is the togetherness it brings. Even the most dysfunctional families come together twice a day in Ramazan. The TVC shows that beautifully. Also, it stresses the importance of our elders in our lives. Our elders, especially grandparents have a world of wisdom to share. If we take some time out to truly listen, our lives would be completely different.

2) Teaching by example

When it comes to teaching little kids good values, it is very important to lead by example. The TVC of Rooh Afza is a story of a grandfather making the most out of the holy month of Ramazan while instilling all those values in his little grandson. He is teaching him all the good things by example.

3) Sharing

All through the TVC we see the grandfather encourage his grandson to indulge in sweet acts of kindness, sharing with the less fortunate – the actual message of Ramazan. Class, color, creed, status means nothing to children. They see someone their age, they instantly make friends. The little boy in this Rooh Afza TVC depicts the true nature of children and we see the grandfather nourishing his innocence.

4) Gratitude

Above all we see the little family be thankful for everything. Sitting together at an Iftar table being grateful for the countless blessing God has bestowed upon us, brings us a unique sense of peace.