iOS 14
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Apple’s iOS 14 has become the talk of the town with its remarkable new layout! Everyone who owns an iPhone had an opinion about the update, but mostly we found iPhone users raving about it.

However, recently after new developments, people have claimed that the iOS 14 beta version has some severe issues and bugs. These issues were only noticed after users used the latest update frequently for a few weeks.

While there are many issues with the latest update, in this article, we have listed fifteen serious problems and bugs you should know about before you consider downloading the newest version:

1 – Stock Mail App: Users have complained about not receiving email notifications as the previous version would accommodate. Instead, users have been manually refreshing the app to access new mail.

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2 – The mail app also doesn’t have the feature to select multiple emails at the same time, which was working fine on the previous version.

3 – The home page of the latest update crashes randomly while working perfectly fine.

4 – Favourite contacts would show up on Facetime and Phone calls; after the update, the option is not showing up anymore.

5 – Custom recurring events were possible to create with the previous version, while the update doesn’t show the feature.

6 – Maps by Apple might stop working randomly while you’re on the road. Some users said that they restarted their phones, and the app worked just fine.

iOS 14

7 – Time widget that has been appearing on many iPhone screens might as well not be available on all iPhones.

8 – If your iPhone is in silent mode, you have to tap on the screen for Siri to respond.

9 – Widgets can be resized, but only after you delete them off the home screen and resize it from the very beginning.

10 – All widgets don’t show up on the lock screen only some do!

11 – Installing the iOS 14 takes longer to update on an iPad than on the iPhone. If you stop the update in between, you will lose some data.

12 – The weather widget might appear blank for a short period. For certain instances, it has been reported that the widget doesn’t update for an hour unless you open the app yourself.

13 – ‘System’ and ‘Other’ continue to acquire most of the storage space. Hence indicating that you need more storage. For those of you who don’t know, Apple allows users to purchase more space on their iPhones.

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14 – Some apps still get stuck while launching, such as Adobe Photoshop, Nintendo, McDonald’s, etc.

15 – Selective HomeKit devices may suddenly stop working with the iOS beta update.

It is notable to mention that most of the time, operating systems do develop issues and bugs, which are then addressed by the company’s developers. New versions of the OS are sent to devices for better functionality.

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