14 year old talha tortured and killed by Raza
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In a recent turn of events, a most morbid piece of news has surfaced. There is much disturbing news that we come across every day. However, this one might make the hairs on your arm stand on end. It involves the torture and killing of a fourteen-year-old boy! According to sources, the boy, Talha, had been visiting his paternal uncle in Lahore. He left his uncle’s house on Tuesday to play in the street and did not return for some hours.

Upon launching a search, the police found his torture and deceased body in an under-construction house by the Uncle’s residence. The entire incident has left everyone in a major state of shock and disgust. It seems that the suspect is a fifteen-year-old boy who confessed to the murder and torture shortly after. The suspect, Raza, said he did so over a dispute. It is a dark day in the country when youngsters have resorted to this kind of violence.

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Justice For Talha

The suspect, Raza, is a friend of the deceased and one of his closest ones. It seems that Talha was going to tie the knot with a girl in the future years. However, Raza had given a proposal to the girl, who had rejected it. This is the prime motivation that led Raza to commit the unthinkable. It seems that Talha tying the knot with her, sometime in the future, is something that the fifteen-year-old could not fathom.

Thus, Raza tortured and killed Talha out of sheer revenge. Is this what we resort to on such an issue? Can we not use words to express ourselves and rather perform heinously sickening acts? This is not the mind of a person who sees other humans as humans. There is no court in the world or the world after, where such an act can ever be justified. One cannot fathom what goes on in an individual’s mind to cause such a disgusting act. This is not just a crime against the family, these are crimes against everything a person stands for!

The Guilty Must Be Brought, Forward

According to another source, Talha’s cousin said that the killer is not a 15-year-old, rather an 8-year-old. His father is a lawyer who is protecting his son after what has been done. Raza visited Talha and asked him to hang out, and the latter agreed to do so. The suspect then took the deceased friend to a vacant lot and proceeded to beat him up with a brick multiple times. The body has gone for an autopsy but the initial report also showed scars on the body. These marks pointed towards torture before the killing, which the suspect has also confessed to.

Everyone is looking to get justice for Talha, an individual struck down before the prime of his life. He had dreams, he had goals for his life. God knows how the parents of the deceased are doing. There are no words for the loss a parent feels after they lose their child. We only hope they find the strength to keep moving. We shall keep you updated on the details as the case evolves further.

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