Desi Girls Sefie

With Eid just around the corner, we know how important it is to get perfect selfies on family dinners and friends’ hangouts. But we all have those people on our social media who would post a selfie with literally everything around them.

Here is a list of 13 annoying selfies that make us all roll our eyes.

1. Hashtag Mehndi Selfie

It’s good that you get some color all over your hands but honestly, nobody cares.


2. New Haircut Selfie

We are sorry, but we didn’t notice your old haircut as well. Get the hint, maybe?

new hairstyle

3. #NoFilter Selfie

Erm Axcuse me, Aap Bhi?

no filter

4. I Cooked This Yummy Karahi Selfie

We all know you did nothing more than just stir that thing for a minute or a second.


5. Duck-Faced Pout Selfie

Can you please like not do that? It is really scary.


6. Look At My Eid Bangles’ Selfie

Get these glittery stuff out of my face. NOW!


7. This Is What I Ate Selfie

Sorry bro, don’t care what you ate

eid dawat

8. I Woke Up Like This Selfie

We all know, it took you almost five hours to get to look this decent, and it is not really very decent

i woke up like this

9. BFF Selfie

Um well, okay. Yes. We know you guys love each other. No need to upload a 100 pictures to show your love


10. Cousins’ Group Selfie

A group selfie even doesn’t make you look pretty. Sorry!


11. I Love My Shoes Selfie

I am a little confused. You love shoes more or selfies more?


12. Eid Clothes Selfie

You look really ugly in these new clothes as well. Did I hurt your feelings?

selfie with new clothes or stuff

13. #NoMakeUp Selfie

Help me locate your face under all this makeup, pretty please?


I know how hard it is to avoid these annoying creatures, and with the Chand Raat and Eid fever just a week away, we want you guys to know that we feel your pain.

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Let’s help each other laugh a bit by sharing some of the annoying selfie stories you have in the comments below.