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While a few Pakistani celebrities do not shy away from introducing the public to their children, not every child is able to get the attention or become the star kid. Amal Muneeb is different, however. She is such an adorable child that she gathered the most love at her khala’s wedding the moment her pictures and videos went viral on the internet. With the love that Pakistanis are pouring for Baby Amal, it is clear that she is the star kid of Pakistan.

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1. Bridesmaid baby Amal

The best clip that made everyone swoon for the little packet of sweetness was Baby Amal carrying her khala’s veil. She certainly outdid the bridesmaid duty given to her.

2. Aunt Minal with Amal 

Or maybe, we are at a tie because the khala-bhanji duo looks at their utmost cute when Minal greets baby Amal at the valima event.

3. Dancing at dholki Amal

How can one forget little Amal enjoying the dholki event? Baby Amal surely looks happy for khala.

4. Love for dinosaurs

Taking toys to wedding events looks awkward but when it is baby Amal doing it, it automatically becomes the definition of cute. In the viral video from the wedding event when Amal was twinning with her mom, she was seen playing with her toy dinosaur.

5. Papa ki princess

Throughout the event, the energetic star kid was seen running around the venue with her dad chasing after her. Little Amal surely is papa ki princess. But she looks cute at it.

6. Yet another clip with papa

In need of a picture together, Muneeb Butt tries to pose but Amal just sprawls to the ground.

7. Enjoying the Mayun

The little kid knows how to enjoy herself without all her family surrounding her. What’s more adorable is that she owns the attention others shower on her.

8. When baby Amal cut the cake

The newlywed Minal and Ahsan cut the cake at the valima ceremony but little Amal wanted to be a part of it. Minal khala couldn’t ignore her sweetiepie now, could she? Holding Amal, Minal cut the cake once again.

9. Spending time with Mamu

No tantrum Amal spotted with mamu. She, most definitely, looks like a pile of happiness.

10. Because when mamu calls Baby Amal!

Gathering kids for the group photo at a wedding can be a task but when mamu called for baby Amal, she runs to the stage and embraced her uncle in a jaadu ki jhappi.

Which moment of Amal from Minal Khan’s wedding did you like the best in all of the clip-compilations of the star kid?

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