Only a few days remain for the month of Ramazan to begin. Immediately before, all individuals make many promises to themselves of how they will be spending the holy month. However, once it starts, most of the promises are forgotten. If you happen to be in the same boat, you will certainly relate to this.

1) Be Punctual

Ramazan is about being organized. Waking up for Sehri then again a few hours later for work or school can get a little challenging. So we promise to ourselves that we will manage our time properly. Go to bed early, wake up in time for Sehri and be fresh and ready for work. Ha! While this plan of yours might go well for a day or two, very soon you will find yourself back to your old disorganized self.

2) Eat Healthy

People think that fasting all day long will be good for health. While it is, they forget that eating like a maniac during iftar cancels out all that. You make a vow that in Ramazan you’ll keep up the fitness streak and eat clean. Come iftar and you make a dive towards the nearest pakora plate not remembering anything else.

3) Pray properly

It has been said that every good deed done in the month of Ramazan is multiplied tenfold. People pledge to pray regularly, with more concentration and devotion. However once iftar is done with and the laziness sets in, people head towards the nearest comfortable  spot and grab a shut eye.

4) Be a better person

Ramazan is meant to make us more understanding and tolerant towards one another. We are taught to forgive and be kind. Everyone thinks they will honor the true meaning of Ramazan and be kind, however, one traffic jam is all it takes for us to revert back to our original self.

5) Be more charitable

This thought comes in everyone’s head. The message of Ramazan is about sharing and people plan to be more giving and charitable. It’s not like people don’t want to be, it’s just that they don’t get an opportunity.

6) Share food with others

We all plan on sharing iftari with neighbors, less fortunate people. But once the month starts and you step into the kitchen, you decide it’s too hot to cook a lot of food and you’ll try again tomorrow. Pretty soon the entire month is over and you are celebrating Eid.

7) Help out

Saw mum cooking in the kitchen alone again? Yes, you should help her. But oh you just came home from work and you should take a half an hour nap first. That nap turns into a few hours and your mum wakes you up for iftar. Where did the time go?

8) Not shop too much

You plan on spending the month of Ramazan with modesty. You decide not to go all out shopping for Eid, opting instead to give more. However once the new collection by Agha Noor comes out, your heart skips a beat and you buy something you can barely afford.

9) Not watch too much TV

By TV we mean shows, not the Ramazan Transmissions, though there isn’t much difference. Last year half of Game of Thrones came out during Ramazan and many people thought they will watch the rest of it after Ramazan. Not sure how many were able to keep this promise.

10) Not complain

Whether it is about the thirst, hunger or the weather, or maybe the work hours, we hope we won’t complain during the month. We all know how this one goes.