Have you ever thought about how long the Pakistani advertisement jingles are? We at Brandsynario have come up with a list of Pakistani Advertisements that could easily be used as movie songs.

Take a look at which Pakistani TVC’s made the list!

1. Jazz TVC ft. Ali Zafar

This Jazz classic ad featuring the star-performer Ali Zafar is a must watch! The song is lively, fun and has a great energetic vibe. The hip song can be picturised on a rockstar based movie scene.

2. Lipton Ad ft. Ali Zafar

The Lipton Ad features Ali Zafar with the singer’s melodious playback as well. The ad’s jingle is extremely catchy and will make anyone want to groove to its music.

 3. Q Mobile – Sohai Abro and Danish Taimoor

The ad’s playback would go well for a celebratory dance number in a movie and suits well for a wedding.

4. Gala TVC ft Noor

The tea biscuit Gala ad had the most catchy and memorable jingle that had the entire town buzzing to its tune.  This would go well for a movie’s wedding sequence.

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5. Ufone Ad ft. Shehzad Roy

The Ufone 3G tvc, ‘Ayga Medan Mai’ featured Shehzad Roy, the song is comical, fun and can be picturised in a comedy film.

6. 7UP

The TVC has a hip vibe and would definitely hit the charts when featured as a movie song for a light-hearted commercial movie.

7. Tulsi TVC ft. the dapper Hamza Ali Abbasi and the stunning Mehwish Hayat

The sizzling chemistry between the two actors added to the romantic song is a treat to watch. The melodious tune can definitely be part of a romanticized scene in a movie.

 8. Jazz TVC ft Fawad Khan & Mahira Khan

This older ad back from 2011 has a catchy jingle and can be used as a dance number in a Lollywood movie.

9. Snack City Kurleez

The cheesy jingle used in the TVC would be a perfect fit for a movie based for the youth. The song is comical and will make you LOL!


10. Cookania Cake Rusk TVC ft Sohai Ali Abro and Hamza Ali Abbasi

The commercial for Cake Rusk released in 2016 could be used for a romantic duet filmed on a movie’s leading pair, the playback and melodious tune would make the song an instant chartbuster.

What did you think of the list we compiled? Let us know if we’ve missed out any Ads in the comments below.

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