zara's new logo

This week, fashion giant Zara revealed a new logo on its social media platforms and seems like its target market worldwide has rejected the transformation.

A Case of Redesigning Gone Wrong

Designed by the agency called Baron & Baron, the logo is similar to the old one, except the letters are taller and overlap with each other.

This was the original logo of Zara

And this is how the new one looks like!

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Apparently, the redesign has stirred a worldwide debate with fans ridiculing the brand for making the logo too difficult to read.

For many, the logo now gives a ‘claustrophobic’ vibe.

And now they want the spaces between the letters to return!

On a lighter note, people couldn’t stop taking digs at the brand!

People are questioning that why fix something that’s not broken!

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It is Rightly Said Not to Mess With the Classic

Brands usually redesign a logo when they have a new business focus or the logo looks outdated.

Marketers suggest that the transformation should never be so drastic and should retain its old identity. However, sometimes it’s better to leave things as they are.

Whilst it is a tricky move by the brand, it can lead to unprecedented success if it goes right.

However, but when it goes wrong, it can lead to a huge marketing disaster.

Seems like the same happened with Zara. While the old logo was working just fine for the powerhouse, the jumbled, overlapping typography turned out to be a wrong move.

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