YouTuber Maaz Safdar recently opened up in a podcast about his relationship with his wife. While reflecting on his decision to engage in a relationship, Maaz Safdar shared his regrets for not listening to his parents. While discussing his views on marriage he noted that parents always know better because of their experience and you only get to realise that after you go through a certain age.

While discussing his relationship with his wife Maaz said that one thing he regrets now is engaging in a four year long relationship with his wife before marriage.

‘We were in a relationship for four years. However, now I regret this decision.’ He said.

‘When you are young you tend to follow whatever is happening in the society. It is very common in school and colleges to be with someone and engage in a relationship. However, once you are mature enough and get married then you realise that your parent’s opinion is always right.’ 

Take a detailed look into his podcast interview below.

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Further discussing the parents opinion about their child getting married, Maaz Safdar noted that whatever parents mention about a certain someone is always right.

‘Now that I have gotten married, my views on people have changed. I can better judge a person now and form my opinion on someone. Hence, your parent’s opinion is always right since they have that experience.’

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