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Alizeh Shah, most popular for her role in the popular drama “Ehd e Wafa,” has created a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She has incredible acting prowess and a prominent social media presence. Lately, she has been exploring elements of Korean beauty trends, drawing inspiration from icons like Lisa of Black Pink. This shift in her style has sparked mixed reactions among her fans.

Have a look at this interesting cosplay:

While some appreciate her experimentation with trends, others feel that her current look resembles that of Lisa a bit too closely. And this has caused her to lose some of her original charm.

It’s a difficult balance for public figures like Alizeh Shah to navigate. While embracing international trends can enhance one’s aesthetic, it’s vital to stay true to your unique Pakistani or South Asian identity.

South Korea’s cultural influence, often called “soft power,” has been steadily rising. Its music, dramas, and films are gaining worldwide fame. Korean trends have completely influenced the fashion industry as well. In Pakistan, Korean dramas have garnered a significant following, and so have their cartoons called anime. Additionally, music bands like BTS and Black Pink are enjoyed popularly.

Alizeh Shah’s recent fashion choices, inspired by Korean beauty standards, show the growing influence of South Korean culture in Pakistan. Her Instagram posts showcasing her latest Korean-inspired looks are getting attention.

Netizens Share Their Two Cents About Alizeh Shah


Alizeh Shah


Yikes! These definitely don’t seem like the comments you would want to see after you try out a prominent new look.

As Pakistanis continue to embrace global cultural trends, it’s essential to appreciate the diversity of our own heritage. Even while celebrating influences from around the world. Alizeh Shah’s exploration reminds us of the constantly evolving nature of the fashion and beauty industry.

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