Technology has come a long way from what it was if we talk about its evolution. Not only have we advanced in terms of gadgets and gizmos which have helped make lives easier, our social platforms are now also becoming highly advanced.

One such example is YouTube, the platform is no longer restricted to music videos anymore. The platform introduced Live for streamers who cater to unique content, through which their followers increase in massive numbers.

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In order to improve the platform, YouTube Live has received a new upgrade to take this services up a notch. The new features include automatic captioning, live chat, location tagging and even playback!

The platform will start to roll out the features to its users in a couple of weeks and introduce it to other parts of the world a long time. With the live chat video, fans can make their message being highlighted or mentioned in the video. The possibility makes the feature a much-hyped one as well.

What do you think about YouTube Live’s new upgrade?

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