Irfan Junejo Featured On You tube And Pakistani's Are Proud Of Him
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Irfan Junejo is a well-known Pakistani content creator who is known for being creative and outspoken. He has talked about a variety of issues, including mental health and political and societal issues. Needless to say that he has a standard fan base of his own, and millions appreciate his work.

His brilliant work and dedication have landed him a much-deserved feature on Youtube’s official page. Moreover, Youtube’s official Instagram handle shared his profile along with a caption which read;

“Head to @irfanjunejo’s channel to wander into his cinematic universe 🪐 Link in bio to check out his channel.”

Since the American social media platform regarded his work much admirable, Irfan Junejo now represents Pakistan on YouTube’s official handle.

The influencer also took to his Facebook page to share the delighted news.

Irfan Junejo’s Achievements 

Junejo has two YouTube channels, Irfan Junejo and Irfan Junejo 2.0. The YouTuber has over 1.13 million followers on his main account, while 343,000 on his second channel.

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Congratulations Are In Order 

Many people and celebrities, and influencers took to Instagram to congratulate the man of the hour.

“YouTube did the right thing by featuring Irfan Junejo. This clearly shows positivity grows on youtube regardless of your content language, country and niche. Looking forward to seeing more content creators of Pakistan in future In Sha Allah.” One user wrote.
“When the platform, itself, gives you a shoutout, know that your content is making noise for good. Earlier this afternoon, #YouTube asked its Instagram followers to follow #IrfanJunejo for his remarkably directed vlogs.” Another user wrote.

Hake a look at some of the other responses

Many mentioned the upcoming PISA awards where he didn’t get a nomination in the influencer category, saying this is a more significant achievement than PISA awards.

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Recently, the influencer took a long break which was over 17 months long due to his deteriorating mental health.

He opened up about mental health issues that surfaced with fame as a result of his profession—however, this leading him to be more anti-social than his fun, authentic self.

“I don’t go to any events or award ceremonies,” said Junejo. “I don’t go on podcasts, left Twitter, and minimised the use of my camera in general. As I got more popular, I got more reclusive. The most surprising part is that I do love all this.”

“I never thought all my wildest dreams would come true through vlogs, from meeting Ronaldinho to buying my dream bike. I did fulfill all material wishes. In the time of the internet, it’s easy to get famous but not to get recognition,” he added.

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