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The influencer culture and influence is on the rise. If you’re planning to become the next big influencer, here’s what you need to avoid at all costs!

1. Not Being Transparent

If you have an affiliation with any brand or any product, you need to be transparent or upfront about it. The audience today has become increasingly aware and focused on ethical issues hence if you’re lying about what you’re promoting, you will lose your asset. Followers!

influencer mistakes avoid
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2. Saying Yes To Everything

You’re not Jim Carrey in the Yes Man movie. You do not have to say yes to everything that comes your way. Agreeing to partnerships or affiliations with products that don’t align with your niche is going to ruin your appeal.

3. Buying Fake Followers

Do not be tempted to take the short cut to success. Many followers, the nasty ones, can also determine whether your followers are genuine or not. All it takes is for one person to spread the rumour. Confirming it isn’t so hard! You will lose your reputation and tarnish that of the industry.

influencer mistakes avoid
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4. Bragging About Riches

Most of the influencers we see are either those who were extremely wealthy to begin with or those who have built their wealth through their platform. You are not them (if you aren’t) and you mustn’t draw that comparison.

Focus on the unique wisdom that you have to offer. Being a bragger will get you nowhere.

5. Inconsistent and Multiple Strategies

Being your own publicist means you have to pick a strategy of evolving and growing yourself. Once you deliberate on one, stick to it. Jumping from one to another can leave you with a frazzled crowd who does not know what you’re offering.

influencer mistakes avoid
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Being consistent is the key to growth.

6. Forgetting Why You Started

Having low bouts of creativity is natural. Everyone can fall prey to that. However, don’t lose sight of what got you into making that platform in the first place. Doing so will mean you will create content senselessly. If it won’t be signature, it won’t attract people.

7. Not Adapting

As the trends on the app change, so must you. This is not a field where one can remain clung to the old ways and find that more dignifiable. If TikTok is taking the lead, start making TikToks and get with the trend. This makes you relevant and all the more interesting!

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