Yasir Shami recently appeared as a guest on ‘Public Demand with Mohsin Abbas Haider’. YouTuber Yasir in his interview shared the details about foreigners coming to Pakistan and getting married here and there is more to details besides love.

Recently the instances of foreign women coming to Pakistan and getting married here with Pakistan men have been on the rise. These relationships which often bud as a friendship over social media platforms seem like a fairytale come true.

However, Yasir in his recent interview shared the truth behind these marriages and how authorities need to be evident of these incidents. Yasir Shami on multiple occasions has interviewed such couples. During the show, he was asked by the host how he is the first one to interview this couple and how does he find the info on these women?

Yasir Shami On Foreigner Women 

In response to the question, Yasir said,

“The thing is that immigration officers are our resources. They tell us when a certain someone is coming to Rahim Yar Khan, Karachi, or Lahore.”

Here’s a look at his complete interview below.

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The interviewer also asked the guest how he feels while taking interviews with these women daily.

“I feel very good. A woman aged 83 years came to Hafizabad to marry a 25 years old boy. I initially thought that they were lying but when I checked the passport her date of birth was correct making her 83 years old.” 

“This is a business.” He added.

“The couple goes abroad together at their own will. They pay a certain amount and get their nationality. For them, it is a business.”

He later requested the authorities to maintain a check and balance on this whole situation.

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