The PS5 has been out for a couple of years now, so rumors are starting to appear about a potential slimline version that would continue the trend set by all the Play stations that have come before.

With the PS5 being the largest console Sony has ever released, the PlayStation 5 Slim can’t arrive soon enough. Meanwhile, Matt Perks, known as DIY Perks on YouTube, has spent a considerable amount of time and effort to create a PS5 ‘Slim’ that brings the size down from nearly four inches to just under an inch.

PS5 Slim

The slim copper console contains the key PS5 components, and a rather giant external power supply and cooling solution that can be hidden away. Most of the thickness of the PS5 comes from its cooling heatsink and power supply, so DIY Perks relocated those into a long external unit to make the actual console far more attractive on top of a TV stand.

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A custom water cooling system replaces the PS5’s existing cooling solution and makes use of copper sheeting to channel water over the CPU. This sheeting also includes several thermal bridges to help cool components like the SSD and power circuitry that are attached to the PS5’s motherboard.

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The Power source Of Slim

While Sony has lowered the power consumption of some previous PlayStation models to create slim versions, that’s a little out of reach for DIY and modding. Instead, DIY Perks went the route of the PS2 or PS One slim models by creating an external power supply.

This external power and cooling unit resulted in disaster at first, frying the motherboard of the PS5 because the unit fell over and blocked air-flow to effectively cool the console. After swapping the motherboard out, the PS5 “Slim” successfully boots and plays games as you’d expect.

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While some will call the enormous power and cooling unit cheating, the entire project is still a fascinating 30-minute journey into the trial and error of modding consoles. The custom copper water block is impressive in how simple DIY Perks makes it seem, built using a jigsaw and regular tools.

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