Karachi might not be the capital of Pakistan, but it sure is the backbone trying with all its might to sustain Pakistan. Amidst the economic crisis, climate changes, and everything in between, the needs of Karachi have been neglected time and again. While the current situation of Karachi, including its infrastructure, is horrendous – it is just a matter of time till it gets worse. This brings us to our point, i.e., ‘For how long will the authorities look the other way?’

The 2022 monsoon gave us a major deja vu, the constant flashbacks of the 2020 rain and the disastrous effects it left behind. The trauma is still there for those who suffered the most. And while it became a hot topic for social debate, no one was immune from the after-effects of the rain. Broken potholes, urban flooding, standing water which got swarmed with disease-causing flies for days, accidents, and children and adults drowning were some of the things we got to witness in 2020. While the authorities vowed to take all the necessary measures – come again in 2022, we are frightened of the weather’s uncertainty.

“Is this what Karachi deserves?”

The metropolis generates annual revenue of 65%. According to a report, around 95% of Sindh’s GDP is attributed to Karachi. As of 2019, Karachi has an estimated GDP of $164 billion with daily GDP of $449 million. With a month of showers, disrupted economic activity, power breakdowns and business shutdowns, imagine how much Karachi has lost, which ultimately impacts the overall economy of Pakistan within a month.

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While our authorities might try to shut their eyes to the situation – the truth is everything is going in the social media record books. From the amount of taxes the Karachites pay to the money they have invested in renovating their neighborhoods, it feels like the money they have spent in building a life for themselves is going down the drain – literally.

Meanwhile, there is no accountability for the money which goes into taxes and conservancy charges. Despite the citizens paying millions in taxes and expenses – the government has failed to provide solutions to the citizens. The average annual taxation is reported by 62.4% from Karachi only.

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Let’s walk through some of the most dangerous situations Karachi has been through in the past two years.

From Defence to Saddar and Johar to North – if there is one thing mutual, it’s the number of memories the citizens have created in this city. Meanwhile, it is not just the memories but also the problems the citizens of Karachi face daily. Karachi’s Infrastructure has been facing a major downfall, and no one is coming to its rescue.

The potholes which lead to accidents, the road craters which make the daily commute a hassle and damaged drainage systems are not just adding to the monsoon woes. They have become a significant problem for the residents.

Furthermore, the shortage of water and the lack of resources for the ever-growing population are some of the most common problems. The civic issues are many, but the solutions are none. The authorities might not bat an eye to the issues, but they are the ones who need to take accountability for doing damage to the city.

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