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Recent research by a tech giant has established the most criticized tech product from all around the world – the Xbox Series.

According to Electronic Hub, the Xbox Series claims the top three spots for being the most complained about gaming console on social media.

The Study Results 

The results of the study which was conducted in November 2021 concluded that Xbox systems most likely receive criticism from players all around the world.

The top three slots went to Xbox Series X (12.5%), Xbox One (12.1%), and Xbox Series S (9.8%). PlayStation 4 came in last, with only 0.5% of tweets about the system expressing any dissatisfaction.

The plethora of criticism revolved around the gamers’ inability to get their hands on the console itself. However, majority also complained about the design of the console, comparing the Series X to a mini fridge.

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According to the research, the users also faced major difficulty in series X. While the bugs disrupted the use of wireless controllers and headphones with the system.

The research determined the numbers by first curating a list of the most popular and best-selling tech products in the world. The data was collected from the most renowned websites including Forbes. Later, the Twitter API was used to gather tweets mentioning any of the products from their study.

Almost 344,105 tweets were examined for complaints at Github which is a complaint detection tool established by Electronics Hub.

Other Electronic Items Ratings 

Electronic Hub also reported other devices including Home smart devices, cellphones, headphones, and laptops. Meanwhile making up up the vast majority of complaints.

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The home smart devices were ranked at number eight of the top 20 most criticized devices of the year. Meanwhile, cameras took the last spot for receiving complaints on the internet.

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