tsunami awareness day
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Breaking the word Tsunami that has Japanese origins we are left with two individual words; tsu and nami. The former means harbor while the latter means wave. The series of huge waves created in the Indian ocean due to an earthquake underwater that had disastrous effects came to be known as tsunami. It is remembered every year on November 5th as the Tsunami Awareness Day.

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Tsunami – December 2004

On this day, let’s remember the tragedies that the world witnessed due to Tsunami. The deadly Tsunami left 260,000 people dead. It left devastation in 14 countries. This occurred in December of 2004. The most significant hit was Thailand. Due to estimates, almost 227,000 casualties were from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and India. United Nations termed it the biggest disaster to have happened in a hundred years.

In December 2015, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) decided to officially announce November 5th as Tsunami Awareness Day. But why associate a whole day associated with it?

tsunami awareness day
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Awareness Day

When one day is attributed to the day, people are forced to remember it. People in position are forced to remember that if they do not plan ahead, there may be a sequel to it. But what planning does one need for a disaster like Tsunami? The planning can easily include the construction of buildings that can withstand tsunamis.

Moreover, it will lead to emergency procedures to get most people to safety. This could mean people knowing where to evacuate to or how tall of a building they can take refuge in. Further, it will lead to the establishment of measures for the provision of food and other utilities. Emergency relief forces will be able to mobilize more effectively.

tsunami awareness day
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Should we choose to stop remembering the day, soon even the authorities will forget and the 260,000 lost lives will be in vain.

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