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Pel just released its new ad with the theme of Wedding Jackpot and it did not sit well with some of the people. They assumed it to be an ad glorifying dowry, a phenomenon that is very much rampant in our society. But does it really glorify it though? Let’s look at the ad with a closer eye.

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The PEL Ad

The ad begins with a wedding gathering where the new couple is getting photographed with relatives. Right then, a man enters singing the song and getting everyone to join in. This is the brand’s way of announcing the new campaign, the wedding jackpot. At the wedding, when the couple gets all the brand new stuff for their life ahead, they can get it all at a lesser price, and that is JACKPOT!

Here’s the video!

Right to mistake?

Some netizens did not like the ad. They felt the idea of the wedding to be extremely run-of-the-mill. While the brand could indeed have tried harder, the choice of going with a wedding is not that unthought off. Why? We belong to a culture where even though we had a pandemic imposed lockdown, there were weddings happening indoors. We are obsessed with weddings. Hence, when a brand is looking to sell its products, it would want to resonate with the masses for sure.

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But this soon led to connecting the dots with the dowry. Dowry is when the bride and her family are burdened into bringing literally everything she would need when starting a new family. Now that the wedding is being shown, the deep-rooted idea must also be what it is glorifying is what some netizens thought.

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Is really though?

While PEL could have indeed conveyed the idea in a better way where such an assumption does not even happen, the ad in question does not really glorify the act of dowry-giving. Most people around the world consider a wedding to be a new chapter, a new life for the couple. And when they enter their new life, they want to have new equipment; everything should scream new. And it is not always dowry. In fact, those who say no to dowry, also shop for new products. The couple pitches in their own money to buy the new equipment and house accessories.

Yes, the TVC does not say no to dowry but it doesn’t say yes to dowry either. They just signal that a new couple is off to start their new life and they should do it with everything new.

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Next time, they can take a different route though; have a storyline. They could probably show a rishta meetup if there are really keen on exploring the wedding concept. And in that meetup, they can position a dialogue where the couple plans on purchasing the necessities and the luxuries but reinvokes that it will be the couple doing the purchasing and not the bride’s parent.

Take note PEL!

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