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In a recent revelation, former cricket superstar Shahid Afridi shares the touching reasons behind his choice of Shaheen Shah Afridi as the husband for his daughter, Ansha Afridi. The union of these two young hearts began with a Nikah ceremony in February. Followed by a grand wedding and Valima reception in September, held in Karachi and Islamabad.

A Longstanding Connection

Shahid Afridi opens up about the journey that led to this union. He reveals that discussions between the two families had been ongoing for quite some time. The decision was not made hastily, but rather after much consideration and connection between the families.

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“Shaheen’s family was in touch with my family on this topic for a long time. A human should be a human, that is the most important thing,” Afridi expressed. Emphasizing the significance of being a good human being as a core value.

Choosing Character over Cricket

Shahid Afridi further elaborates that although he did not personally know Shaheen, there was some prior acquaintance between their families that had faded over time. The decision to choose Shaheen as his son-in-law was grounded in qualities that transcended the cricket field.

“He is a great human. I didn’t know him personally, the elders of our family used to know one another, but we lost contact [with each other],” Afridi shares. The decision was made based on character, maturity, and the high regard in which Shaheen was held by those who had played domestic cricket with him.

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A Glimpse into Afridi’s Film Offers

In the same interview, Shahid Afridi was questioned about whether he had ever considered a career in acting. He mentioned that he had received offers for movie roles, even from the Indian film industry. But he had never seriously entertained the idea.

Afridi’s identity was firmly rooted in the world of cricket, and his family had no involvement in the movie industry. He believed in staying true to his roots and was content with the occasional stint in TV commercials as his only venture into the world of entertainment.

Shahid Afridi’s decision to choose Shaheen Afridi as his son-in-law underscores the importance of character and values in personal relationships. It serves as a reminder that, in the end, it’s not just about what one accomplishes professionally but also the kind of person one is that truly matters.

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