Why Are Pakistanis Panicking About The Upcoming Long Weekend?

After Eid’s long weekend, Pakistanis are bound to get another long weekend on account of Muharram. The 9th & 10th of Muharram are falling on the 27th & 28th of July respectively. While the dates will be confirmed once the moon has been sighted, Pakistanis are worried about the dates for the scariest reasons.

Why Pakistanis Are Scared?

This may sound  absurd but a Twitter user has raised a concern which is regarding Doom’s day. According to the user, Doom’s Day is bound to happen on the on 10th of Muharram and Friday. Since the day and the date coincide this year, Pakistanis are worried that the end is sooner than we expected. However, these are just assumptions as the majority knows about certain events needed to take place before the day of judgment.

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Meanwhile, Twitter user called out the tweet by explaining that the dates for Muharram have coincided before as well. There is no way of telling when the day of judgment is about to happen especially when there is still a lot that is unknown to the world.

Previously, the 10th Muharram, also known as the day of Ashura, has fallen on Friday and this phenomenon tends to repeat itself a few years. Pakistanis also discussed the possibility of the 10th Muharram falling on a Saturday since the confirmation can be only done at the moon sighting.

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