Hacked? BYKEA’s Inappropriate Notification Shocks Pakistanis!

Hacked? BYKEA's Inappropriate Notification Shocks Pakistanis!
Image Source: Wamda

Bykea is the app that is probably one of the most used apps in Pakistan today. It is a bike transportation service that helps people get from one place to another. Just like Uber, it offers bikes instead of cars. Many such apps send weekly and even daily notifications to remind their users to book rides with their apps. Many of those notifications are very interactive and even funny at times to convince users and leave a mark in their minds. But what happens when those notifications go horribly wrong?

Now I know this can be a little triggering for some readers but what can we do? Maybe Bykea woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and just wasn’t in a good mood. As if the notification wasn’t bad enough, it got sent to the whole country because people on Twitter started to go crazy when they got their notifications. Here have a look.

After the notification went viral, the users received another notification after 30 minutes which said that the app is still hacked!

Now did it ‘actually’ get hacked?

Did the employee get angry? What is going to happen next? Who knows? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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